SCOBY 101: Everything You Need to Know About Kombucha

If you're interested in making Kombucha at home, one of the key ingredients you'll need is a SCOBY. In this article, we'll dive deeper into what Kombucha SCOBY is, how to obtain one, and how to care for it to ensure a successful brewing process. Whether you're a seasoned Kombucha brewer or just starting, this comprehensive guide will provide you with the essential information you need to make delicious and healthy Kombucha at home.

Kombucha is a fermented tea that has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its health benefits and unique flavour. One of the essential components you'll need to make Kombucha at home is a SCOBY. In order to ensure a successful brewing process, we'll go into more detail in this article about what a Kombucha SCOBY is, how to get one, and how to take care of it.

What is a SCOBY in kombucha?

Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast is referred to as SCOBY. During the fermentation process, a gelatinous, mushroom-like disc floats on top of the sweet tea. The probiotics, organic acids, and other beneficial substances that give Kombucha its distinct flavour and health advantages are produced by the SCOBY, a living culture of healthy bacteria and yeast that consumes the sugar in the tea.

Where can I purchase Kombucha SCOBY?

There are several options for obtaining Kombucha SCOBY. You can purchase it from local health food stores or online retailers. Another choice is to obtain it from like-minded Kombucha drinkers who are willing to share their SCOBY with you. By using a bottle of raw, unflavored Kombucha, you can also create your own SCOBY from scratch.

How to store Kombucha SCOBY?

You can keep your SCOBY in a SCOBY hotel if you don't intend to use it right away. A jar or other container containing SCOBYs and Kombucha tea is known as a SCOBY hotel. The SCOBYs should always be submerged in Kombucha tea, and the container should be covered with a cloth or paper towel to keep out dust and other debris. The SCOBY hotel can be kept at room temperature for up to one month.

How is a kombucha SCOBY taken care of?

Although taking care of your Kombucha SCOBY is not difficult, it is crucial for a successful brewing process. Here are some advice on how to take care of your SCOBY:

  • Use organic sugar and premium tea. The most typical tea used to make Kombucha is black tea, but you can also experiment with green or white tea.
  • Use of tea with oils or artificial flavours should be avoided because they can harm the SCOBY.
  • Use of RO or filter water. It's crucial to use filtered or RO water because the chlorine and other chemicals in tap water can harm the SCOBY.
  • Keep the brewing environment at 68–85°F (20–30°C) at all times. It is best to keep the brewing vessel in a warm, draft-free area because the SCOBY prefers a warm and constant temperature.
  • To keep debris out of the brewing vessel while allowing air circulation, cover it with a cloth or paper towel. The SCOBY requires oxygen to survive, but it also needs to be shielded from debris and dust.
  • In order to protect the SCOBY, avoid cleaning your brewing vessel with antibacterial soap or dishwashing liquid. Instead, clean the vessel with hot water, a cloth, or a brush.
  • To prevent the growth of mould, replace the tea every 7 to 10 days. The SCOBY creates waste products as it consumes the tea's sugar, which can accumulate and harm the SCOBY. To keep the SCOBY healthy and active, the tea must be changed frequently.

A fascinating and necessary component for making kombucha at home is the kombucha SCOBY. For many years to come, your SCOBY can supply you with scrumptious and nutritious Kombucha with the right care and attention. Whether you've made Kombucha before or are just getting started, we hope this