Organic Basmati Rice
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Organic Basmati Rice

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Size:500g X 4
Add Umami to Everything - Make Miso's, garums and amino Sauces. With Koji, you're limited only by your imagination.

Clean without compromise


Know the product

✔️ FOUNDED BY MICROBIOLOGISTS AND NUTRITION RESEARCHERS : Our brand is one that is founded by World Class Nutrition Researchers 👩‍🔬 and Microbiologists 🔬 🧫. Meticulously handcrafted brewery that uses science to ensure you get the most POTENT PROBIOTICS in your Kombucha.

✔️ UNMATCHED QUALITY: NO NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOURS USED: We make our Kombucha with in house dehydrated fruits and florals.

✔ MICROBIAL ANALYSIS : Every batch that you receive first undergoes our rigorous testing and quality check 💯 under a microscope 🔬

✔️ AMBER GLASS BOTTLES - Kombucha is acidic and leaches the material it is stored. ❌🥫 Say NO to Aluminium Cans, ❌ NO to Plastic Bottles and ❌ NO to Nature Identical Flavours for your gut-healing Kombucha.

Gold Standard ferments

Raw | Unfiltered | Unpasteurised
Produced in small batches,responsibly sourced and artificial ingredient-free.


100% Natural Plant Based Products

Gut Friendly

Digestive Enzymes from fermented tea and florals

LIVE and raw

Probiotics Powerhouse from unfiltered Kombucha

Immunity Booster

Postbiotics and Biooactive Enzymes for Immunity

potent antioxidants

Goodness of Green Tera and Fermented Fruits and Florals

Low Calorie & Glycemic Index

Only 20kcal per 100ml serving

Zero artificial anything

No Nature identical or synthetic flavours

Goodness Unfiltered

No Filteration and No Artificial Carbonation