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Cheery happy Kombucha
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Berry Blast Kombucha

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This cheery happy Kombucha is a dessert without guilt. Bursting with fruitiness of mixed berries, it’s a dance of flavour and fun. Godsend for an instant getaway!
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about Product

Triple Filtered UV Water
Blend of Green and White Tea
Kombucha SCOBY
Fermented Blackberry
Fermented Raspberries
Organic Cane Sugar
Fermented Blueberries
Fermented Strawberries

Nutrional Content / 100G

  • Energy28g
  • Fat0G
  • Protein7 G
  • Carbohydrates7G
  • Sugars7G


✔️ FOUNDED BY MICROBIOLOGISTS AND NUTRITION RESEARCHERS : Our brand is one that is founded by World Class Nutrition Researchers 👩‍🔬 and Microbiologists 🔬 🧫. Meticulously handcrafted brewery that uses science to ensure you get the most POTENT PROBIOTICS in your Kombucha.

✔️ UNMATCHED QUALITY: NO NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOURS USED: We make our Kombucha with in house dehydrated fruits and florals.

✔ MICROBIAL ANALYSIS : Every batch that you receive first undergoes our rigorous testing and quality check 💯 under a microscope 🔬

✔️ AMBER GLASS BOTTLES - Kombucha is acidic and leaches the material it is stored. ❌🥫 Say NO to Aluminium Cans, ❌ NO to Plastic Bottles and ❌ NO to Nature Identical Flavours for your gut-healing Kombucha.


Produced in small batches,responsibly sourced and artificial ingredient-free.

  • Vegan

  • Digestive Enzymes

  • Probiotics Powerhouse

  • Immunity Booster

  • Super Antioxidants

  • Low Calorie

  • Zero Artificial Anything

  • Gluten Free


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Know your Kombucha.
Know your Facts.

Why does the glass bottle matter?

Kombucha is made by fermenting tea. Well fermented kombucha has a pH of 2.4 and below which is highly acidic. Kombucha would react with plastic and aluminium and it would leach. Plastic and Aluminium are both cancer causing on consumption and poses a health risk. Glass is inert and doesn't react with the Kombucha.

Why is it important to get your kombucha from a trusted seller?

We consume Kombucha for its many health benefits. These are from the live bacteria and yeast (good bacteria), the fermentation of Green Tea, herbs, digestive enzymes and beneficial acids. However, Kombucha also absorbs the microbes in the air.

Considering the pollution levels in India, ferments need additional expertise and manufacturing abilities to maintain air quality. A trusted source needs to have an in-house microbiology laboratory and qualified microbiologists to check for harmful bacteria and yeast, foreign compounds absorbed from the air.

While Kombucha making at home is a simple process, commercial manufacturing is complex and demanding of technical know-how to make a bottle with all of its health benefits and safety parameters intact.

How much Kombucha should I drink?

If you’ve never had Kombucha before, we would recommend to start with ~ 100-150 ml at a time and gradually increasing it upto 500ml per day.

Kombucha needs refrigeration. How will it survive transportation?

It’s true that brewed Kombucha requires refrigeration, but Kombucha is brewed at room temperature and
different brewers ferment it for different durations. At Zoh, we account for 4-6 days transit time. We're meticulous about the details, and by the time you receive it, it’s perfect.

Why is there so much sugar in Kombucha?

Kombucha as a beverage requires sugar to start the fermentation process. As the days pass, the sugar is consumed by the good bacteria in Kombucha making the product rich in enzymes and probiotics. The thing
with good bacteria is, that it needs a source of sugar to feed on to stay alive, and 5-6 gms of sugar per 100 ml is when they are at their peak potency.

Most good Kombucha brewers globally would want to achieve this
level to ensure the most nutritional benefits. Lowering the sugar any further than this causes the probiotic
to starve off, resulting in an almost yeast dominant product.

Also, just like juices have natural sugar and not ‘processed sugar’, thanks to the process of fermentation, the left over sugar is turned from processed to
natural! (The miracle of fermentation). Have it without worrying about the sugar! It's not for you, it's for the booch bacteria

Anyone who tells you something about a zero sugar Kombucha, or has 0 gms of sugar on their nutritional label definitely has got their facts wrong and we would raise a red flag!

When is the best time to have it?

Honestly, there is mixed scientific evidence to this question and no conclusive answer so far, but only a
general trend to have it empty stomach.
Suit yourself! Have it with meals, or empty stomach. See how you respond to both and choose your pick!

Does it contain alcohol?

Like all fermentation products, Kombucha does contain traces of alcohol, but we use a proprietary process that gently removes the alcohol without heating, filtration or pasteurisation of any kind.

Any product with
less than 0.5% is not considered alcoholic, and ours can be safely consumed. Our Kombucha has less alcohol than an Idli does after fermentation.

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