Soy-Free Tempeh Starter
Soy-Free Tempeh Starter
Soy-Free Tempeh Starter
Soy Free Tempeh Starter

Soy-Free Tempeh Starter Culture: Easy Homemade Fermentation by Zoh Probiotics

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Versatile Starter Culture to Make your own protein and nutrient Tempeh with any combination of Whole Pulses, Millets and Seeds.

Contains 5 packets of starter. Makes 5 large batches of Soy- Free Tempeh.

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So Simple to make Tempeh

Prep beans/pulses

- Soak 500g beans/pulses in water for 10-12 hrs.
- After 10 hrs, dehull the beans well.
- Rinse the beans and discard the hull using a sieve.

Cook the beans

- Cook the dehulled beans till they are half cooked.
- Add 2 tbsp vinegar and rest for 20 mins


- Dry the beans to be completely free of moisture.
- Once the beans are dried and at room temperature, add 2 tbsp vinegar & mix well.

Add Starter culture

- In a mixing bowl, add the beans and 1 packet of starter culture.
- Mix well for a good 2 minutes

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