Water Kefir Grains
Water Kefir Grains

Water Kefir Grains

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It’s now so easy to make your Natural, Healthy and Gut-Friendly, Probiotic powerhouse Soda. Just add our robust grains to sugar water and make a refreshing beverage. Add fruit juices, berries or make it with Coconut Water and see the kids rejoice.

One packet can last you forever (with care). Contains Robust grains that keep growing. Make Water Kefir Batch after Batch indefinitely

Water Kefir in 4 Steps

In a glass jar combine 1L filtered Water + 4 tbsp Organic Sugar + 1 tsp Sea salt

- Add the packet of Kefir grains into the sugar base. Mix well with a wooden/ plastic spatula.
- Cover the jar using a thick cloth and secure with a rubber band.

Leave the mixture to ferment at 20-29 degrees for 24-48 hrs.

- From fruit juices to herbs, add your choice of flavouring to your finished Water Kefir.

- Leave it to ferment for over 24-36 hours in a tightly closed flip flop bottle. Once done refrigerate the bottles.